With 3 offices in Italy, France and the UK, Cybersel has more than 130 customers in Italy and Europe and has consistently supported large banks and companies in every sector for over 10 years, thanks to its team of highly qualified experts.

Cybersecurity is an ongoing process, not a short-term solution.

Enabling companies to lead their own cyber security governance, by identifying and analyzing potential internal and external vulnerabilities in their digital footprint.

Cyber threats are always lurking: a strong security posture is critical for companies to avoid them.
Cybersel is a pioneer in cyber risk rating and offers expertise, experience and passion, to help them prevent possible attacks and maximize their return on investment in cyber security.
Cyber ​​risk and attack surface analysis
Cloud Security Management
Third Party Risk Management
Digital Investigation (Cyber Threat Intelligence)
Financial quantification
Security controls validation


We aim to help our clients boost their cyber security, by offering the best services and solutions and the most qualified personnel to rate, assess and prioritize their cyber risk.
We do that employing a competent and up-to-date professional team, expert in cyber risk analysis and management and supported by a highly qualified and ever-present Success Management Team.
Convenient System Access By Phone Or Tablet

Committed To Your Home And Business Security!

Businesses that provide professional services have a wide variety of security needs, from safeguarding people to help secure customer data. Comprehensive security solution can help achieve security goals for single or multiple locations, we have the highest ethical standards for our industry.
Professional Installation
Record/Save Video Clips
24/7 Alarm Monitoring
Remote Arm And Disarm
Security Monitoring
Customizable Alerts
Security Cameras
Solutions For Your All Your Security Priorities

Alerts, Schedules, And All Smart Home Controls.

We can partner with you to design and implement a scalable integrated security solution that addresses your toughest security challenges, while gaining efficiencies.
Fire Detection %
Alarm Systems %
CCTV & Video %
Access control %

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For the Security and IT directors ensuring our places of work and leisure are safe. For the Chief Technology Officers shaping the smart businesses of tomorrow. We always understand that in a complex world, it is not enough to solve the challenges of today, we need to be ready for the opportunities of tomorrow.

Keep An Eye On Everything With Our Video Security!

For the Chief Officers shaping the smart businesses of tomorrow. We delivers powerful insightful security solutions that enable protectors to drive forward. As the leader in home security. Not only will this reduce the probability of crime happening on your property, it will reduce or eliminate any liability that falls on you if you can show you have solid, well-designed commercial building security systems in place.
24/7 fast-response pro monitoring for intrusion and fire
Expertly installed by professionals, customized to needs
Smart home security and video packages