Our values

Cybersel offers integrated and tailor-made agile solutions, capitalizing on its many years of expertise and experience in the field of cybersecurity.

A success story

A team of professionals expert in the analysis and management of cyber risk who, since the beginning of Cyber Risk Management, has helped companies protect themselves from ever-increasing potential cyber attacks.
Integrated offer
We provide our clients with all the needed information and key performance indicators (KPIs), to help them develop, implement and lead a strong and effective cyber risk governance plan.
Expertise in cyber risk assessment
Our experts guide companies through the process of assessing their cyber risks and identifying vulnerabilities and threats, and to provide them with tailored solutions to address them.
We master cybersecurity technologies and know them perfectly. This enables Cybersel to offer state-of-the-art solutions to its clients regardless of their scale, tailored to their specific needs.
We’re there for our clients. Cybersel Sales & Customer Success teams are available for clients all the time, to offer support. Service culture is part of our identity.
Continuous support
We offer a continuous monitoring of the security posture of companies, their third parties, the cloud.
Return on investment
Cyber security is business security. We verify the effectiveness of the cybersecurity investments of our clients, by offering them the tangible chance of preventing a possible attack.

Sectors in which we provide consultancy

Alcuni nostri clienti

A constant commitment to a corporate future driven by a passion for the common good and sustainable growth.

These values ​​constitute the ethical and cultural basis on which our identity is built, shaping the way in which it interacts with the outside world and manages internal relationships.

Constant improvement

Tecnologie innovative e servizi avanzati per la gestione completa del tuo cyber risk

Innovativi servizi gestiti, erogati attraverso il nostro hub CyberCenter, per la misurazione e il monitoraggio del tuo cyber risk
Affiancando le più grandi aziende europee di ogni settore
Utilizzando le tecnologie più innovative e leader di mercato a livello internazionale
Fornendo un Customer Success Team altamente profilato e qualificato

Security Administrator
Help desk Manager / Analyst
Security Engineer / Analyst
IT Auditors
System Administrator
Network / Cloud Engineer
DevOps / Software Developer
IT Project Manager
Penetration tester
Security Consultant
Network & Security Specialist
Cloud Security Specialist
Cloud Penetration Tester
Web App Penetration Tester