Cybersel makes the know-how gained over the years on technological services and solutions available to companies, in the form of turnkey packages, which relieve the customer of any technology management commitment.

Our areas of action in Cyber Risk Management

Cybersel is able to provide customized managed service packages and/or solutions capable of analyzing your security posture in order to reduce cyber risk and financial exposure due to potential cyber attacks.


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Over the years, companies have become more and more the goal of malicious attacks. Consequently, there is a need not only to equip themselves with protection tools but also to have resources that can go beyond data analysis and anticipate possible vulnerabilities.
Cyber Risk Analysis
Financial Quantification
Third Party Risk Management
Cloud Security, Risks and Compliance
Breach and Attack Simulation
Digital Investigation

Cyber risk rating, assessment and prioritization

We provide an effective and reliable way to monitor, measure and manage potential vulnerabilities...

Third party risk management

Monitor, measure and manage the security performance of third parties of your company (suppliers, extensions, partners, etc.).

Continuous security validation controls (Breach & Attack Simulation)

Highlight exposure in your IT infrastructure by...

Cloud security, risks and compliance

Discover unknown vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, prioritize...

Financial quantification

Cyber Risk is in effect a business risk. The financial quantification of cyber risk provides concrete elements...

Digital risk investigation

We help your company prevent the theft of sensitive corporate data, using specific alerts...