Third Party Risk Management

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Third party risk management

Monitor, measure and manage the security performance of third parties of your company (suppliers, extensions, partners, etc.).
Assess your suppliers' cyber risk and improve your company’s third-party integration program to structure, automate, manage and control the entire transaction flow in order to assess all aspects of risk and compliance with current and future regulations (EBA, EIOPA, DORA, GDPR).

Specifically, our activity focuses on:
• collection of the customer's requirements and support in defining the process
• analysis, monitoring and management of the security posture of the customer's supply chain
• assessment of suppliers' cyber risk based on objective information and optimisation of Third Party integration plans
• selection and choice of Questionnaires, sharing with selected suppliers and analysis of answers
• execution of Vendor Calls on behalf of the customer
• training of the Customer's resources (if applicable and necessary) involved in the execution of the programme
• performance of on-site audits by third parties (in specific circumstances and at the explicit request of the Customer)
• legal compliance and review of contracts following due diligence and/or self-assessment
• preparation of contract templates compliant with current regulations (GDPR, EBA, DORA)
Partner technologies

Cybersel offers innovative solutions to manage cyber risk

Over the years, companies have become more and more the goal of malicious attacks. Consequently, there is a need not only to equip themselves with protection tools but also to have resources that can go beyond data analysis and anticipate possible vulnerabilities.
1 BitSight
2 ProcessUnity
3 Reflectiz
1 BitSight

BitSight is the most widely adopted Security Rating solution in the world and works by assigning a score, derived from objective and verifiable information.

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2 ProcessUnity
3 Reflectiz