Digital Risk Investigation

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Digital risk investigation

We help your company prevent the theft of sensitive corporate data, using specific alerts that detect the exposure of compromised data, by monitoring the entire web space, including the deep and dark web, through sophisticated cyber threat intelligence technologies.

Specifically, our activity focuses on:
• monitoring the entire web space, including the dark web
• detecting data leaks and threats that may have a negative impact on business
• analysing threats and indicating possible solutions
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Cybersel offers innovative solutions to manage cyber risk

Over the years, companies have become more and more the goal of malicious attacks. Consequently, there is a need not only to equip themselves with protection tools but also to have resources that can go beyond data analysis and anticipate possible vulnerabilities.
1 Digital shadows
1 Digital shadows

Digital Risk Protection software designed to protect you from external threats by continuously identifying where your assets are exposed, providing sufficient context information to understand the risk and the options available for its correction.

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