Cloud Security, Risks and Compliance

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Cloud security, risks and compliance

Discover unknown vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, prioritize the 1% of alerts, monitor AWS, Azure, Oracle and GCP accounts with one platform.

Specifically, our activity focuses on:
• discovery of unknown vulnerabilities, configuration errors, malware and more
• prioritisation to 1% of truly relevant alerts
• monitoring of AWS, Azure, Oracle and GCP environments in a single platform
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Cybersel offers innovative solutions to manage cyber risk

Over the years, companies have become more and more the goal of malicious attacks. Consequently, there is a need not only to equip themselves with protection tools but also to have resources that can go beyond data analysis and anticipate possible vulnerabilities.
1 Orca Security
1 Orca Security

A complete and centralized cloud security solution! Orca Security offers a new zero-touch approach to cloud security that eliminates the cost, organizational friction and performance impact of traditional solutions.

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